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Donau-Auen National Park

Things to Do in the region of the Donau-Auen National Park

The programme for Donau-Auen National Park visitor is varied with something for both young and old: guided tours at the wien-lobAU National Park House, the schlossORTH National Park Visitor Centre and the Schlossinsel; walks and boat tours with rubber dinghies or canoes – there is so much to explore and experience. Depending on the season, weather, water levels and interests, the national park rangers cover different topics. In this way, visitors can get to know the fascinating features of the national park. The Danube and the bodies of water in the wetlands can be experienced up close on a guided boat tour. To round out the programme, there are events focusing on special topics and projects weeks for children and teens.

And it is also worth getting to know the national park on your own. There are marked walking trails and trail maps are also available.

Schloss Orth National Park Visitor Centre

The Donau-Auen National Park Visitor Centre in Orth on the Danube beckons as “Gateway to the Wetlands”. The “DonAUräume” exhibit offers exciting new perspectives on the Danube wetlands.

Animal species native to the wetlands such as the European pond turtle and certain snakes may be observed close up from the Schlossinsel(“Castle Island”) grounds. The main attraction is the underwater observatory, a window to the underwater world of a former Danube river branch. There are also exhibitions, a lookout point, shop and café.

Wien-Lobau National Park House

Located in Vienna’s 22nd district, the wien-lobAU National Park House offers information, recreational opportunities and other activities. The open areas around the house allow for many wetland-related recreational activities but are also a place for relaxation and contemplation.

The Donau-Auen National Park lies in the middle of a historically rich cultural landscape, the area surrounding the Marchfeld castles on the Danube's north bank and the ancient Roman settlements in Carnuntum on the south bank. The national park is part of the natural environment of the March-Danube region.

Eckartsau Castle

Embedded idyllically in a natural setting, the hunting lodge offers a glimpse of the private lives of the last Austrian Imperial couple, Charles and Zita. Eckartsau is the seat of the Austrian National Forests Operations (ÖBf) in the Donau-Auen National Park.

Carnuntum Archaeological Park:

Carnuntum, city of emperors, has been reborn. The basic types of architecture in a Roman city quarter have been reconstructed in Carnuntum in their historical context: a citizen’s house, a splendid city mansion and public baths. The reconstructions are not fictitious sets or museum objects, but buildings that can be lived in.

Hof Palace

The grounds of Hof Palace extend over more than 50 hectares of land in eastern Lower Austria. The magnificent ensemble with its lordly palace, beautiful Terraced Garden and idyllic Manor Farm was laid out in the late 1720s as an impressive country home and hunting lodge for Prince Eugene of Savoy.

Stork Village of Marchegg

This unique tree colony of white storks must be seen! Marchegg Castle also hosts interesting exhibitions.

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