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Lower Prut Nature Reserve

Sea access for the Republic of Moldova

Danube sector between Braila and Sulina is called maritime Danube because the depth of up to 12 m and a width of> 1 km allow navigation of middle tonnage vessels (sea) with draught of7 m and tonnage of 40,000-50,000 t.

The relief of the Danube river basin varies between 20-25 m.Danube discharge in the area is 6638,0 m3/s and the speed 0.99 m/s. Confluence with Prut river - 110 m3/s. Flood area of the Danube in the region is between 1-3 km.

Geomorphology of the Danube river – the contour of the Danube channel in the area is influenced by Dobrogea Plateau, on the right and by the Bugeac plain, on the left, while contact with Prut meadow is less visible, being traced by paths of communication.

From morphologically point of view, major of the riverbed is represented by longitudinal levees on both sides, with altitudes between 6,5 m and 3,5m.

Prut river constitutes one of the sub-basins of the Danube river and ensures the way of access to Black Sea via Giurgiulesti Port.

Natural Reserve Lower Prut

Beleu Lake - The Small Delta of the Republic of Moldova

Location: Slobozia Mare, Cahul district, Republic of Moldova
Size: 1 755 ha
Established: 1991

In the Lower Prut meadow lies one of the natural wonders of the Republic of Moldova - Natural Reserve “Lower Prut”, a true paradise of birds, fish and plants.

In order to protect the flora and fauna of Beleu Lake and Prut river surroundings, in 1991 was created the Natural Reserve "Lower Prut". About 1/3 of the area of the Reserve is occupied by Beleu Lake, the rest of the territory represents a network of ponds that together form an unique ecosystem of national and international importance. According to its provenience, Beleu Lake is a relict of the Danube with an age of 5-6 thousand years. The length of the Lake is 5 km, width - 2 km, average depth of 0,5-1,5 m, maximum depth 2 m. Water level of Lake Beleu greatly depends on the water level of the rivers Danube and Prut. Beleu Lake presents a great interest as a monument of immense scientific, cultural and aesthetic value.

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