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Kopački rit Nature Park

Tourist offer, activities, cultural heritage

Kopački rit Nature Park is situated near Kopačevo village, which used to be a typical fishing village. Besides fishing, livestock farming was also quite common during dry periods of the year. Surrounded by a marshland, Kopačevo and other settlements nearby have a typical type of architecture where man decided to use and build houses and other facilities using plants, wood, and other materials found in nature (reed, hay, clay, loam, oak, willow etc.).

The visitor’s centre of the Park, situated by the main entrance, presents what the typical architecture once looked like, and is always part of the Park's tourist offer. Many interactive programs are offered for children and adults within the centre. Kopački rit offers other diverse programs for visitors of all age. Most of the programs are organized in the southern part of the Park i.e. in the wetland, among which small and large boat tours, canoeing, photo safari and bird watching programs are the most attractive. Cycling is also a possibility and a way for visitors to see other parts of the Park. It is possible to rent bikes and get information about the two international bicycle routes that pass through the Park (Danube Route and Pannonia Peace Route). Several nature trails exist, which are convenient for hiking, especially in the northern part of the Park, in the forest. Tikveš Castle Complex is another destination within the Park where visitors can go. The complex is hidden in the heart of an oak forest and has a very rich history and cultural heritage. Tours through the complex as well as a souvenir shop, exhibitions, and accommodation stand at the visitors' disposal. A new tourist offer in the Park is a tourist train that takes the visitors through the most beautiful parts of the Park. This is a new way to visit the protected area throughout the whole year.

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