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Lower Prut Nature Reserve


The small southern capital of the country. Tourist and cultural diversity.

General Information

Cahul District is situated in the South-West part of the country, on Lower Prut plain.Total population -123 800 inhabitants. Residence of the district is Cahul town, the biggest cultural, economic and recreational center from the South of the republic of Moldova and is situated 175 km from Chisinau – capital of the country and at 60 km from Galati town, Romania.

The hydrographic system is represented by Prut and Danube rivers. In the district are found the biggest lakes from Moldova: Manta and Beleu. Through the section of 1200 m on Danube is ensured the access to Black Sea.

The south region of the republic has a considerable natural, cultural and recreational tourism potential. This is due to the existence in the region of natural and landscape reserves with a rich biodiversity, existence of different ethnic groups (Moldavians, Ukrainians, Russians, Bulgarians, Gagauzians, etc.) offers a variety of cultural traditions, and curative waters is a key factor of recreational tourism.

Sights and attractions

Among places of natural tourist attraction of Cahul district a real pearl is Natural Reserve "Lower Prut" with the “old” Lake Beleu, rush-bed and surrounding floodplain forests and a rich flora and fauna. Reserve contributes to the development ecological and rural tourism in the region. In this direction we can mention the stop "Longing House", placed in the vicinity of the Reserve on the bank of the Prut river. To groups of foreign and domestic tourists is offered recreation in nature, traditional and local products tasting, boating and eco-trail trip, visit to local craftsman and folklore program.

As an archaeological and historical attraction of the district is the defensive system of linear fortifications in the form of earth walls and fortifications from sharp timbers. Locally it is called “Traian’s Wall” and probably is an extension of a huge system of border fortification of the Roman Empire, built in the second century, on a length of about 126 km from the river Prut, Republic of Moldova, to the Sasic Lake, Ukraine.

In the district there are two museums, one in Cahul town and another one in natural protected area "Lower Prut", with rich collections of exponents. In addition, they are located in buildings of architectural importance.

Due to an amalgam of nationalities, cultures and traditions annually in Cahul region are celebrated series of national holidays and international festivals. The most famous international events in Cahul are: “White Lily” - international music festival held in summer in odd years in Cahul town. This location is transforming into a place of meetings of folklore singers and dancers, handicraft makers from many countries of the world; “Faces of Friends” - international music festival organized every year at the end of June, in Cahul town. The festival brings together the best bands from Moldova, as well as artists from Romania, Russia and Ukraine, who play in different musical genres. Traditional event of the festival is „Jazz Night” in the forest; “Sweet flower of Black Locust”- international ethno folk festival organized annually in May month when the flower of black locust is the sweetest. Participants from the Republic of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine demonstrates cultural richness and diversity on a scene placed in the middle of a grove of Black Locust near Natural Reserve “Lower Prut”; “Bobocelul” – international folk art festival for children, celebrated biennially in Cahul town.

It is worth mentioning Health Resort “Nufarul Alb” (White Lily), curative waters of which are unique in the Republic of Moldova.

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