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People in Nature park Rusenski Lom and Kalimok – Brashlen Protected area

People, traditions and nature of the Nature park Rusenski Lom and Kalimok – Brashlen Protected area have been connected with the Danube since Roman times. The Danube formed Roman Empire’s border and the towns were built near the river ports. The specific symbiosis between local population and Danube is well shown in local culture and lifestyle. In the town of Ruse, Danube was the “culture road” bringing European influences in XIXth century evident in the old town center’s architecture and culture – shown in the Museum of History.

On the other hand, in many villages along the river the everyday life is still connected to the river. In its authentic form the typical fishermen style could be found in Tutrakan. The architectural reserve”Fishermen quarter” keeps fish nets, boat workshops, fishermen houses and local cuisine as living legend for the oldest occupation in the area. There is the sole along the Danube Ethnographic Museum”Danubian Fishing and Boat Construction”, related to this tradition. It shows documents and exhibitions about the connection between the local people and the river. Every year such tradition is proven strong on the holyday of the river.

In the Nature Park Rusenski Lom, at the village of Basarbovo is the only one operational rock monastery in Bulgaria. St.Dimitar Basarbovski, once born there, is its patron. He is also guardian of Bucharest. For this reason many people from Romania gather here for celebration on temple’s holiday.

Attractive sites for tourists also are: Ivanovo rock hewn church “St. Virgin Mary”, which frescoes are protected by UNESCO; the medieval castle of Chervenand the Park’s villages with their typical stone architecture. There are preserved folklore, customs and traditional food.

The rich biodiversity found here is well presented in the newest visitors’s cente of the Nature Park – Lomovete, near the village of Nisovo. Here, using interactive materials the visitors are introduced to the rich biodiversity of the area and its connection to the Danube. There are ornithological route; opportunities for canoeing and kayaking; climbing; cycling and tracking in the Nature Park.

PA Kalimok-Brashlen provides good conditions for tourism. The Dunabian part is a popular fishing and lately water sports-especially kayaking destination. Just outside PA hunting of wild boar is very well developed. Birdwatchers and wild nature fans visit every year the area. There have been developed cycling and trekking routes on the dykes as well as water routs on Danube and the channels of the PA.

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